In this fast-changing world, one of the few things that remains constant is our love for gold, that profound and brilliant color so difficult to extract from the bowels of the earth and that gives us so much satisfaction when it is in our hands.

Used as part of divine rites in ancient pre-Columbian civilizations, decorating the tombs of pharaohs in Egypt, or transformed into luxurious jewelry for countless kings and monarchs around the globe; this mineral has never ceased to be present and will continue to be the epitome of power.

Inspired by a more obscure symbolism, we created this luxury pieces based on the endless stories about loyalty, partnership, respect and obedience between masters and servants, emperors and gladiators, owners and slaves... A piece of gold was commonly given to the submissive part as a token of appreciation from the dominant side creating a hypnotic bond impossible to break and we are making sure to bring that mesmerizing power to modern lights.

Each collection is carefully curated from beginning to end, ensuring you the finest materials, the most ambitious designs, and all the passion for this opulent metal.

The history of gold is far from ending and now, we are part of it.